Jantien de Boer (1984) followed the Klassieke Akademie for painting in Groningen. Before that she graduated from the Groningen University in History of Art. Jantien Works with oils on linnen. She has had a large number of exhibitions in The Netherlands and Belgium and will most likely become an international artist.
Particularly large canvasses are easy to spoil, but I try not to get dicouraged by fear. Everything I want to achieve is possible! from my errors I do learn. Yet doubt, and at times even despair, is looming together with disappointment, anger and tears. I want to get the utmost out of myself! It is only after I completed a painting that I feel satisfaction.

But then again, after a few days my self-criticism re-appears. The next painting must be better – more illusion, less details. In my work the ever present tension is between the figurative representation what I paint, a nude, a portrait and the abstraction of the material, lumps of colour. The balance between the materials I use and the way I want to paint a scene is what makes me fight for. The little voice I hear in my head that asks the question as to who would like to hang my painting above their sofa I stifle, I push away . I do not paint for appreciation and compliment – however dear they are to me. I want to challenge myself – not do any concessions. The urge to paint must come from within – from myself only.

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