Bonsignori, Riccardo

True beauty is irresistible. It evokes an intense desire to look at it, to possess it, for us to identify with it. With his painted beauty Riccardo Bonsignori can bring the viewer to love his subjects.

In his seascapes he depicts the avidness of the waves, the champagne party of the exuberant breakers, the transparent splendour of the aquamarine depths. He makes his marble quarries into fascinating precision operations of the Carrara mountains, in which secrets are revealed to us of the struggle between men and the intractable marble, between life as it is and the beauty that has survived from the veined heart of the mountain laid bare.

It is striking that people are most often missing in the canvasses of Riccardo Bonsignori. In his art only one person is central, and that is the one who is looking at the painting. But the almost hallucinating suggestion that comes out of his work is so strong that the viewer gets the feeling that he is actually a part of what is depicted: he is wading through the sea, he is standing before the quarry. He comprises a part of the irresistible beauty.
Riccardo Bonsignori (1961) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Since 1987 he has exhibited in Italian galleries in Siena, Perugio and Pietrasanta. De Twee Pauwen introduced Bonsignori’s works to The Netherlands in 2006. The gallery is his exclusive representative in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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