Briss, Sami

Sami Briss grew up in an era where artists seeked ways in which to detache themselves from the conventional world. Sami developed his own style, influenced by cubism, surrealism as well as the art of icons. Sami creates a world of dreams, full of symbols referring to peace and hapiness. He purposefully paints beauty with his blues, earth colours and golden accents. The world has witness too many ugly things, in Sami’s work you find his reaction: serenity and beauty.

Sami Briss was born in 1930 in Jassy, Romania and studied at the Art Academy of Bucharest. After having lived in Israel for 15 years he moved to Paris where he lives and works till present. Briss participated in many exhibitions all over the world and his work can be found in private collections as well as in collections of different museums.

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