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Buskes, Karel

Eventhough Karel Buskes is particularly well known for paintings of cows, his oeuvre is much bigger. Karel has paints landscapes, portraits as well as nudes. He also made a number of facinating wooden sculptures. It is obvious that the artist keeps developing in new directions, themes and techniques.

In all his works, Karel Buskes’ own impressionist style of painting and colour scheme are very recognizable. When one looks closely at the colour combinations they form a world apart within a relatively limited palet.

Karel Buskes’ works all have an intimate and sensitive feel to hem. Whichever theme represented, all works touch the onlookers, all in their own way.

Karel Buskes (1962) graduated from the well known Minerva Academy in Groningen. His work has been shown in galleries and museums in the Netherlands and his paintings can be found in corporate as well as private collections.