Gerrmann, Jolanda

Jolanda Gerrmann is not affraid to show the smallest details of the faces she paints. Imperfections are clearly shown, the direct and frank looks of her models capture the onlookers immediately and the character of the person represented is openly shown, without any frills. What you see is what you get!

Yet, far more happens when one looks at the large portraits by Gerrmann. They do not only show the face and personality of the portrayed, they also seem to steer the onlooker to be aware how he thinks of the represented person. The onlooker is confronted with his primary reaction and his own way of looking at the world. Jolanda’s portraits are not merely a mirror of the soul of the portrayed, but also a mirror of the soul of the observer. What makes Gerrmann’s portraits so special is that they subtly make clear to the onlooker that what you are is what you see.

Jolanda Gerrmann (1959) studied at the Amsterdam Rietveld academy and the Minerva Academy in Groningen.Her works are part of a number of prestigious company- and private collections.

Jolanda has shown true courage by breaking with her well known and successful way of painting. She has been studying on how to work in a fudamentally different technique for seven years. In combination with her old and newly developed techniques and her grown life experience, she has achieved a very individual style and high technical level. It is fully justified that Gerrmann feels that her new work now merits to be presented to the public.

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