Hoogdalem, Herman van

Like so many people in Holland, Herman van Hoogdalem spend many happy a summer at the seasideas a child. Not in Zeeland or Scheveningen but at the Wadden near Groningen. The smell of the salty air, the sound of piercing screams made by the seagulls, the ever changing colors of the sky and the sea, all senses were stimulated and it’s no surprise that many years later the painter Herman van Hoogdalem is still inspired by the unforgettable memories of his youth.

For over 10 years Herman has been painting seascapes and after having painted more than a hundred the subject is a long way from being exhausted. He still manages to surprise us with new unexpected moments captured in the ever changing light of the days and seasons.

Just by looking at his oils you can feel the warm sand between your toes, the strong wind in your face and before you know it forgotten memories of happy days at the seaside wash ashore like pebbles on a beach.
Herman van Hoogdalem (Groningen, 1956) studied at the Academy of Arts Minerva te Groningen. His most important and influential teachers were Jouke Wouda en Wout Muller. He has been teaching at the Minerva Academie since 1989 and he’s also a professor at the Classical Academy in Groningen that was founded in 2005.
His first exhibition at De Twee Pauwen was held in 2005.
His work is part of many private and corporate collections like the ones owned by Staalbankiers, ING Bank en the Drents Museum in Assen.

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