Jansen, Daphne

Daphne Jansen (1960) is inspired by the green surroundings of her studio in the Clingendael estate in The Hague.

Wild flowers at the waterside, grasses, a vegetable garden with a compost heap, a branch stretching out over a quiet pond.Daphne paints from a sense of wonder and delight. She is fascinated by the different stages of growth and decline, the cyclical rhythms of nature and the breath of the earth.

According to Daphne the rush of our daily routine interferes with our capacity us to really see and feel and we are at risk to miss out on the radiant mystery of nature and life. Thus we might alienate ourselves from our roots, ourselves and each other.  We have to get back to our senses (including the heart)!

Daphne’s canvasses reconnect us through their beauty and stillness with the unspeakable miracle of existence as we can experience during a blissful time in nature. Daphne has mastered to work in layers with acrylics. Her paintings are full of depth, also without a visible horizon. She is able to give her work intimacy with a rich palet of deep colors.

Daphne comes from a family of painters. She graduated from the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague in 1991. Her works are part of collections all over the world.

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