Georg Loewit (painter)

With his paintings and sculptures Georg Loewit looks closely at human nature, individuality versus the group. With quite some surprise Georg particularly looks at mass tourism, not so much because of the damage mass tourism causes, but tourists seem to lose their individuality and succumb to group behaviour.

Georg’ s paintings are studies of man as a herd animal. His works are painted with a loose touch, giving the impression of a sketch. His colours are bright and show little detail which emphasizes that all the elements painted belong together, in a group. His paintings seem light hearted, yet their topic is not.

From the groups Georg studied with his paintings, he selects an individual figure of which he makes a sculpture in wood, bronze or aluminium. Often the artist leaves out the front of the person. The most obvious part which show individuality is purposefully left out.

By working out the back of the subject in detail, the absence of the front and face becomes even more intriguing. With a softly guiding hand the artist encourages the onlooker to come to the conclusion that the group animal loses his individuality without any resistance. Georg Loewit’s sculptures mildly rebuke the audience about their own human nature and show us one of mankind’s weaknesses.

Georg Loewit (1959, Innsbruck, Austria studied at the Munich Academy and also trained with “masters” of importance. Other than painting he perfected his abilities to work in wood, bronze and aluminium and also worked as a goldsmith. His works form part of collections worldwide.

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