The career of Meg is atypical. It has a mixed professional past where human psychology has always been the common thread. Her work experience includes personnel and change management in the IT sector, classical homeopathy, nutritionist and Psycho-Neuro-Immunology. In addition, Meg has followed extensive studies in psychology, astrology and tarot.

Drawing and painting has always been an important hobby for Meg and she was able to turn this into her main occupation. This main occupation results in an artist who is looking for the possibilities of displaying matter.

An artist who paints with and on precious metals, sometimes using powder made from precious stones, such as diamond and lapis lazuli. A dress is made of gold leaf and animals are depicted on gold leaf. In addition, her technical gift enables her to shape her human knowledge that she has gained in her extensive career in beautiful, catchy portraits.

An artist who paints from her vision. From the love for humans and animals.

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