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Renooy, Mitzy

Mitzy Renooy graduated from the Academy of Arts in Groningen in 2017. She appears to follow many of her predecessors by painting in an impressionist manner. Within this group she very rapidly found her own individual style, brush strokes and colour pallet. Her play with structured layers of paint provides extra depth and her use of clair-obscur effect make her works particularly lively. This style of working emphasizes her choice of themes: everyday scenes, as if caught by accident.

Mitzy finds inspiration for her work everywhere in daily life. Her travels in Latin America have formed an important source of ideas. The intensity of light and the busy street scenes form ideal worlds to kindle the imagination. Mitzy has a talent to translate the vibrant colours  of the warm countries into a colour scheme which befits the northern light here, keeping its liveliness and authenticity. Many of Mitzy ‘s works have been added to private collections in The Netherlands and no doubt her works will soon also clients abroad.