Suiker, Suus

Suus Suiker (1966) studied at the Royal Art Academy in The Hague. Over the years she has worked in changing styles in which her craftsmanship and insights have deepened.

In recent years, Suus has mainly focused on working in encaustics, where pigments are bound with beeswax and resin. Sometimes she combines this old technique with modern photographic elements or contemporary digital techniques. This elaborate mixed technique has a special depth effect and a soft sheen which combines well with the theme of her work: nature.

Suus Suiker paints seemingly randomly chosen pieces of nature, with details and structures of plants and flowers. In addition, she uses an impressionistic touch, varying in color combinations with soft hues or contrasts. She knows how to give her works a strong, yet poetic character. The depth of her paintings invite her to look “in” the work.

Through the attention and respect with which she observes and records nature, Suus shows how important and inspiring nature is to her. With her work she emphasizes the importance of nature for herself but also for people in general.

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