Caroline Westerhout developed a strong style of her own. She uses her strong style to express emotions.Caroline uses her face as a model to study and understand emotions she is scrutinising. They are by no means portraits. With her work she invites her audience to partake in her analysis of emotions, as she feels and understand them. The onlooker finds himself drawn into this quest and seeking answers befitting him – or herself.
Her work also stresses the fact that a human being can only interpret the feelings of others. He infers from expressions and compares to his or her feeling.

One can try to see behind the skin of another, but will never really succeed. Caroline joins the ranks of other artists, such as Cindy Sherman, who remind us of our prejudicial views
Caroline Westerhouts choice of theme is timeless and with her amazing technical ability her work has a timeless and universal appeal . Caroline shows us to have a complentative mind the technical ability to make us join her in her quest to understand human nature.

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