Wolff, Bernard de

Bernard de Wolff is a painter in every sense of the word. Paint, colour and movement are the most important ingredients of his work and the oil paint is not just the means to an end but it plays an important part in the creation of a unique style.
By expressing himself on the canvas he gives us an impression of the world around him, an impression of Amsterdam, of landscapes and people from exotic cultures and by taking a step back this world comes to life in front of our eyes.
In 1988 Bernard de Wolff graduated from Amsterdam University as art historian. He has also been involved in making video’s. He did a project for the Allard Pierson Museum.

In the nineties he exhibited his work in several exhibitions in the United States and held some lectures about landscape painting.
In the last few years his travels to Suriname and Brasil have influenced his work. In 2008 the artist of the year was elected and Bernard de Wolff became, of the hundred participants, 21st.
His work is part of private and corporate collections around the world: Saatchi&Saatchi NY, LTU Düsseldorf, TNO Apeldoorn and SFB Holding Amsterdam.

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