Xue, Juane

Colour is by far the most important element in Juane Xue’s work. The artist’s own observation is that “I like painting light and shadow. This is not just because the nuance between light and dark is a challenge but above all it allows me to express my feeling of colours best. To me, colour and light are inextricably linked. Together they give me a sense of freedom and ease.”

A recurrent theme in her work are dinning tables. The party is over, however the ambiance of the cheery and closely knit group of guests is still lingering on, The theme allows Juane to use her technique and talent for the use of colours to the full.

With her feeling for colours she is able to represent warmth, summery cool, heavy heat or a fresh sumers breeze. It also allows her to reflect on warmth in a metaphorical way, capturing a mood.
Juane Xue’ s talent were recognised in her native China when she was still very young. After the cultural revolution she was able to enrol at the Henan School of arts. She further developed her talents at the Academy of Arts in Beijing. As part of a cultural exchange programme, Juane came to the Netherlands. She found the cultural climate stimulating and she decided to stay. Her work is exhibited in a number of European countries.

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