Anne-Céline (France, 1972) was interested in art – sculptures in particular – from an early age. Yet she followed a different career path at first, while learning to sculpt in different renowned studios, professionalizing her technique. We share her opinion that only with a high degree of technical ability an artist can truly express his or her artistic intentions.
As art became ever more important in her life, Anne-Céline decided recently to dedicate all her working time to sculpting. Her works already have been bought by private collectors in different European countries and the United States.
Anne-Céline works in bronze. The focus of her work lies in humanity, how individuals find a place in the world. She studies the human body and its expression as an individual within society. Most of her figures are women, strong personalities expressing their character in clear body language. References to socio-political developments do play a role in her work as do her personal experiences. Works by Anne-Céline bond timeless know-how and modernity, beauty and meaningfulness, power and poetry. In her work one will also recognize a slight edge of humor.

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