Gamundi’s pictorial language is the language of the body, in the idiom of women of her native country, Venezuela. Through these women – massive blends of the white, black, and Indian races – Maria expresses every emotion that touches her Venezuelan soul. They tempt you with pronounced hips and pouting lips, standing firm in the world on their big feet, or reclining in a meander of curves. Dreaming, thinking, or observing, they wrap their naked bodies in sunlight, making their subdued inner strength tangible. Curled feet and turned waists betray the natural flexibility of their bodies, which are of a moving, uninhibited beauty. Although anatomical perfection is a matter of course, Maria Gamundi abstracts the details greatly, thus penetrating directly into what is most precious in these characters – their origin.

After her training at the Pratt Institute in New York, Gamundi left for Italy. Thanks to a special scholarship, she was admitted into the Scuola del Libro in Urbino, where she was trained in the ancient Italian tradition of sculpture in marble and stone. Like no other, Maria came to know the marble quarries of the Carrara mountains inside out. And so she obtained the finest blocks from this area: snow-white statuary marble from the upper layers of the mountains.

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