Heijtlager, Karien

Most noticeable in Karien’s Works is that the relation between man and woman is portrayed in a direct manner, where man and woman clearly have their own power and identity. Romance is only a part of her work. It is the tension between the partners in a relationship of two strong willed persons which makes her work so overwhelming and present.

In her commissioned Works, Karien has developed a specialty of making portraits. Her search to find the personality of her subject, the right touch, fathoming a model’s personality is a journey full of surprises which she thoroughly enjoys.

Karien Heijtlager (1959) studied autonomous disign at the Art Academy of Utrecht in the 1990s. She continued her studies in 2010-2011 at the Willem de Kooningacademie in Rotterdam. To further her development she worked closely with her mentor Kees Verkade.

Karien works in The Hague and Tuscany, Italy. Her works are shown and are part of collections in The Netherlands, Switzerland, France Italy and the USA.

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