Papetti, Alessandro

As a lover of photography, Alessandro Papetti attempts to “capture” the moment on canvas in the same way that a camera does, in a fraction of a second. He applies all his energy to painting and gives himself a minimum “shutter-time” to record his image. In the immediacy that comes from this approach there is scarcely place for doubts or reflection. With fast brush strokes, emphatic lines and theatrical content, he composes illusions that transport the eye.

Alessandro Papetti loads his subjects with the shimmering energy of his visionary mind. As an observer, he adds a very individual touch to whatever he observes. Papetti’s nurturing gaze casts an intense light upon his subjects and deftly guides his quest in lines and forms. The illusionary power of his work is so great that one seems to detect all kinds of details that have not actually been painted.

Almost devoid of ego, and without any distance between himself and his painting, he puts onto the canvas what he so accurately perceives.

Painting in the great Italian tradition, Papetti does not avoid the artless harshness of life, and thus has more in common with Giacometti than with the other painter to whom he is sometimes compared, Giovanni Boldoni.

Papetti has been presented by a number of important galleries all over the world. His work has also been exhibited in a large number important museums all over the world. His work has also been shown on the Venice Bienale at the Italian pavillion.

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