Engels, Gerard

Gerard Engels has created his own artisitc “language” in which he creates figures of women, children and animals. Gerard creates shapes, limiting himself to represent only the essential. Parts of the image have been left `unexpressed` in a manner that initiates the onlooker to mentally create the entire image. The surface of the sculptures are full of contrasts, strengthening the idea that the creations are from a mysterious old past. Yet, the works show how they are made, which tells one that they are indeed very contemporary.

Gerard Engels works with a unique technique. Sculptures are build of strips of wax or foam, which are cast in bronze or aluminium by way of`cire perdue`. While casting, the works get a rough skin, which Gerard partly polishes creating contrasting lines and colours.

Gerard Engels studied at the Industrial Design Academy of Eindhoven. Works from his hand form part of public- and private collections.

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